Who Is Water Gate Inc?

Water Gate Inc was founded by a brilliant and self driven artist and Ceo named Samme Sosa. It was made a legal Incorporation  in the state of Georgia on Feb 12,2015. Although it was made legal on that day Water Gate Inc was unofficially started a year before that in the small town of Waycross Georgia. Water Gate Inc  along with the founder and the rest of the staff involved in the company have come a long way. The company became internationally  known within the first 6 months of creation thanks to the hard work and dedication of the rookie of the year artist Samme Sosa and the diligent promotions of the CFO and manager Gabrielle Linton. After 2 years of being a legal company the projects just keep on rolling in. Keep up with the many projects that will be coming this 2017. As I continue to update the blog I will revisit some of the past shows and projects and keep you updated on all new projects, shows and news that involve the company and its staff.

Lady G

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