Getting To Know Samme Sosa

The talented artist and business man Samme Sosa took the world by storm over the last 3 years. Although as some may not know being an artist and owning his own company was never his dream but he bravely and diligently stepped up to the plate.

For years Samme watched as his friends and family dabbled in the music life, dreaming of ways to get signed to a major label or even just to make millions (but not quite having exactly what it took to get there). On the other hand Samme who was always in the shadows had what everyone was lacking (drive, determination, and a strong mind) to go the extra mile. Although he sacrificed a great deal he learned the true meaning of investing in yourself as a artist and business owner.

In 2014 with the help of his manager/promoter and 3 online radio djs Samme’s hit single Doing Numbers did numbers all across the world. By the beginning of 2015 Samme was internationally known and being played on online radio stations all across the world. By Feb 2015 through a lot of hard work, sweat and labor the 26 year old Samme Sosa made is company a legal INC in the state of Georgia.

By the time the company was officially a year old Samme had took part in a 15 city plus tour and released his first album none of which went according to plan. It ended up being a major lost in money and at that point what seemed like a waste of time that would never be gotten back but as his anger grew so did his determination. He still did shows he and there through 2016 and even became a radio personality for a little while still trying to regain his focus and faith in a dream he was thrown into living out. After a while Samme decided to take a much need break to spend time with his children and repair the faith in the dream company that he created.

Now its 2017 and the company (Water Gate Inc) is 2 years old and Samme has been a artist for 3 years both standing as strong as ever. I must say that it is refreshing to see Samme back at it and better than ever. So far withing his 3 years he has done countless shows whether it was 1 person in the crowd or a packed house even taking the loss of not getting paid at many of the shows but he treated every show as a million dollar show. His first official video called “Trap Lord” is doing numbers on youtube, the monster collaboration “They Don’t Know About Us” that he was in thanks to Jesus is still a hit. He has music streaming and for sale on spotify, google play, cd baby, Itunes, Jango radio (just google his name you will see) and so much more. He was featured in Goldstar Magazine February’s issue last year. His hit single “Fake Friends” off the Hunger Game Mixtape (which drops in May) was released today.

A lot of artist can learn from Samme, here was a 26 year old black father of 5 who instead of wasting money on silly things like Jordons or video games invested in himself and his company. He worked for everything he got the company his supporters, even worked a full time job while on the road doing shows to pay for traveling expenses. He puts a new defination to the term invest in yourself.

Samme is now 28 and still working to get his company where it needs to be, although it’s not a million dollar company yet it soon will be thanks to his hard work, dedication and sacrifices.


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