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My name is Gabrielle or as one of my favorite artist J-King and the late Hollywood call me Lady G  but the most famous nickname and one that I adore is Gaby Peach given to me by a late friend of mine (Mone G) . I have been in the entertainment business since 2009 I wanted to work with my brother as he built his career which was years ago called Grade A but then later called FYB (Finish Your Breakfast).Over the course of the years I have worked with so many talented artist along with so many underground labels that have much potential. But in 2014 I found my home with Water Gate Inc. It took the smart and talented Samme Sosa (owner and founder of Water Gate) to see the many talents that I offer and offer me a contract and position in the company that I couldn’t refuse . Now I am President/Ceo of Water Gate Inc and I also own Water Gate Publishing Company.  In my down time I provide services such as management consulting, promotion and publishing.

In the two years that I have been working with Samme and his company I managed to be everywhere like American express my name rings bells all across the world. ( Something I never could have achieved without Samme Sosa and his Million $$ dream company) You google my name there is pages of work and projects that I am involved in. I have been in 2 magazines, have done 2 live radio interviews (thanks to Twizm Whyte Piece) and still have the pleasure of working with Indiana’s finest underground labels 2-4-One Entertainment and It’s So Real Productions.

For all those interested in following me I am on twitter @Lintonwg

IG: Gabrielllelinton

facebook check out my business page:


Lady G


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