2-4-One Entertainment In The House

2-4-One Entertainment is a local (Indiana) entertainment company that has been around since 2012. It’s owner and Ceo Mr Johnny Littlejohn not only specializes in management but he also does artist development, promotion and the company I work with (Water Gate Inc) always hires him for his fantastic photography work.  I want take the time to emphasize his amazing dedication and work ethic so let me tell you about these areas one at a time.

As a manager he makes sure he spends that right about of time needed to develop each artist under his label. He has some amazingly talented artist such as my favorite Shorty D, Rain (who is artist, song writer, security guard and a dj at times) his newest artist Penn and Jonobe (I haven’t heard their music yet but when I do I will be writing another blog about them).

What I love most about 2-4-One Entertainment is the great photography, every event I schedule for my artist or that I attend I always book Littlejohn as the camera man. His photography is amazing. So everyone feel free to check out the amazing website and tell Littlejohn what you think. Artist he may even have room on his team for more talent, last but not least there is no event to big or to small for his photography skills.




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