Big Things Popping For Shorty D

Shorty D also known Derek was born and raised in Indiana. He is the hottest up and coming rapper out of the south side of  Nap according to his bio on 2-4-One Entertainment’s website.

This young and talented artist has a packed itinerary for these upcoming months. He is most definally putting on for his city as well as for the label he represents which is 2-4-One Entertainment Company. With that being said let’s jump into these events he has popping off.  First off he is featured on the Addition Kill’s Tour (much thanks to the main attraction of the evening Jelly Roll) on April 23 at the Emerson Theater (I also hear that Nastie Ink will be featured that night) sounds like it’s going to be once in a lifetime show so GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!!!!!

Following that amazing show is Shorty D’ show at the Emerson Theater on May 6 Tickets are on sale now so GET YOURS TODAY!!!

Rumor has it that he has a hot video coming out date TBA. Anyone one interested in finding Shorty D can look him up on these social media sites:


I will keep you updated on how these fantastic sounding shows turn out and on all his future projects coming into play this summer.




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