Hip Hop Cares

Melissa Collins of the We Want Moore Entertainment family suggested that I write about Hip Hop Cares. In researching this topic I must say that I was touched by what Hip Hop Cares stands for and the amount of community help they provide.

Jeff Gill who is also Ceo and Founder at Buy My Beats and Owner of Hip Hop for literacy founded Hip Hop Cares in January of 2016. Over the past year they have handed out clothing, food, toiletries and so much more EVERY Sunday since it was founded on their weekly outreach.

Let me tell you a little about Hip Hop Cares and what it stands for. This is a non profit community based homeless outreach initiative.  It is based on helping the homeless brothers and sisters as well as creating UNITY and SPREADING LOVE. It was started in and is based in Louisville Kentucky, they take donations such as tents, underwear, socks, food etc. They have a special wishlist on Amazon  (http://a.co/hOnytcy) for people who want to donate things, they can order them online and they will be shipped straight to Hip Hop Cares. They are currently working on getting work boots donated. There are so many jobs that require certain work boots and a lot of people can’t get the job because maybe times are hard and they can’t afford the boots.  Disasters happen for example hurricanes, tornadoes, unforeseen circumstances to make families lose their homes and end up on the street but from the research I did Hip Hop Cares does an outstanding job trying to make sure they help the homeless families the best way they can. They have book bag drives for needy children so that they can still be able to get a education, they hand out hot food when its cold or provide clothing such as socks work clothes etc, the list goes on and on of the wonderful things they do in the community.

Anyone  who wants to donate feel free to get in touch with Jeff Gill, a man with no hidden agenda just a big heart and the need to help that led him to create such a great outreach initiative.




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