Chuck P

Being a southern girl it was refreshing to hear some great talent from down south. The talented Chuck P isn’t like these new day rappers all mumble jumble his music is that kinda music that make you have to bounce to the beat when you listen to it.  The hardworking  and talented Chuck P is putting on for Jackson Mississippi with his song “Shout Out” ( which should be a hit single in my opinion) off his debut mixtape “Merci”.  I listened to the mixtape and already was loving a couple of the songs Shout Out being one of my favorites but when seeing the video for this song I fell more in love with the song. The video was on point!!!! 

In talking to Chuck’s promoter I was told this about the artist ,”A wise man once said “To know me is to love me,” well what better way to know someone than the picture painted with words and dope beats. Chuck P is that kind of artist that you’ll never see coming but will never forget. His words paint a picture of the life many have lived and some still living. In the hometown of Jackson, Mississippi we like to call it “That feel good music,” because it makes you feel like you have been to a event that gets better by the song,” I must say that I agree with his promoter, in listening to the mixtape you can get a real feel of the kind of person as well as artist Chuck P really is. His down south flow will have you carried away as you listen to him turn up on the beat. I personally can’t wait for the next mixtape to drop. From what I hear him and his team is currently working on the next mixtape now. If you want to find out more about Chuck P or follow his many projects just look him up here:


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