Rock House Radio

For those who don’t know much about Rock House Radio let me tell you this is one station that truly supports underground artist. Raymond Barton (Ray Ray to most) owns and operates this wonderful station. Before it was Rock House Radio is was called 2locoradio, I had the honor of being interviewed for the very first time almost 3 years ago by a former dj on 2locoradio Twizm Whyte Peice ( who is a well known underground artist) and Ray Ray. Later on down the line it became Knox Rocks Radio where the artist I manage (Samme Sosa) got the honor to be a radio personality on his own show for a few months. ( he went 0-over 1000 listeners in a matter of weeks). Now today 2017 it is now called Rock House Radio where the main focus is underground artist as you see from the examples I listed above how Ray Ray main focus is helping underground artist be heard and promoted.

The motto for Rock House Radio is “The Revolution of Independent Music Radio is Here”.  The owner and the djs such as Dj West, Dj Boobieblack and the other great radio personalities pride themselves on playing only underground music. They also have it set up to purchase great Nu-Metal songs on the website.

They have two different main stations such as Independent Hip-Hop and Independent Nu-Metal. From what I hear starting May 1 Ray Ray is hosting his own show on Rock House Radio. Feel free to go and look at the website, become a fan, follow on twitter and if you are a artist feel free to contact Ray Ray and see how he can help you.


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