I had the pleasure of meeting the talented artist Shor-T 2 years ago when he performed at Samme Sosa’s album release party. I became a huge fan that day, I received a copy of his mixtape and I listened to it everyday going back and forth to work. I am one that no matter if its a mainstream artist or underground I rarely listen to a album or mixtape all the way through without skipping around but Shor-T’s mixtape every song was my favorite song.

Shor-T is a wonderful artist and song writer from Louisville Kentucky. I assure you every song he writes there is someone who can relate to what he says. To me he is different than these new school artist he talks about real events and things that happen or could happen in life.  His resume is amazing in the entertainment world. You can find him on twitter, youtube, Instagram and facebook just search for Shor-T. Take some time to check out some of his work. I will be keeping up with the many projects of Shor-T and keep you updated with his process.

Check out his website




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