If there was ever a hardest working artist award in the underground music world I’d nominate Chucky Workclothes. This man right here is the hardest working artist and promoter I know. I have been following him for a few years now, I remember when he first started putting #TEAMINSOMNICAC on his post because he was working all hours of the night now I see there are people all around the world wearing Team Insomniac tee shirts.

I have had the pleasure of being at several shows that he was involved in, he is a talented artist, he raps about real life events but not only that he is a hot promoter. His promotion skills are out of this world. He is putting in major work in his career, when you invest in yourself and your career that just doesn’t mean money it also means time lots of time and he is putting that in. From what I’ve seen the last 2 years he is participating in tours that go all over getting a lot of exposure. Just alone in April and May he has a number of shows from local to out of state,  now that’s what I call putting in work. You can check out his page for more detailed show information:

In researching Chucky Workclothes I saw that on March 29 “Let It Be” featuring Chucky Workclothes, The Homie Jai and PlayBwoi Tha Great (which are also some talented artist) made its debut on MTV Canada (Internationally) and Revolt TV (USA). If you have not listened to this song you need to. I must say this is THE REALIST SONG I’VE HEARD ALL YEAR, if I was a artist I would have sworn they were talking to me. Great motivational song for all upcoming artist. In the song they tell you from an artist point of view that they know what you going through, the struggle, the pain, the frustration but don’t give up.

For all reading this go check out Chucky Workclothes and all his projects and for all working with him and to all upcoming artist best of luck on your career path it’s hard work but in the words of Chucky Workclothes “HARD WORK PAYS OFF



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