Live Hot Radio

I am proud to introduce the hot new underground radio that will be making its debut airing Monday June 5. This hot new show is a online 24 hour radio show dedicated to all you underground artist out there.  This is another great way to gain exposure and this radio doesn’t mind taking it to the streets. You never know where they will be broadcasting from next. Shows, events, local businesses Live Hot Radio maybe coming to a city or state near you so keep a look out.

Live Hot Radio provides promotion for underground artist such as music plays, advertisements, and even connects you to the hottest blog platform around. You can sit back and listen to music, call in for a interview, shout out or just to speak whats on your mind and interact with our radio personalities. On top of all the great things Live Hot Radio stands for it is proud to offer Kid’s Day Friday where from 6pm-9pm the show is hosted by kids and for kids 16 and younger. Sometimes attention needs to be brought to these talented kids and give them a chance to interact and relate to each other. Here are some of the things you can look forward to when listening to Live Hot Radio:

Relax and unwind and enjoy your Wednesday evening with First Lady WG from 6pm-9pm.


Monday-Friday  from 9:00pm to 12:00 am turn up with Ceo Sosa while you getting ready for the next day.


Get loose with Dj Yoduh every Thursday from 6pm-9pm


Get loose with Dj Knowledge Bone every Monday night 7pm to 9pm


To submit your music email us at, all music submissions get one free feature in the hottest blog platform around. Live Hot Radio takes music from all ages and all genres so send away.


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