Purplle Haze

The talented  Purplle Haze is an artist and producer who is from Jackson, Mississippi but now resides in Charlotte, NC. He grew up in Georgetown community around the corner from Monta Ellis. He prides his self to be a drummer for life since he marched in the Sonic Boom of  the south. From what I can tell Purplle Haze is an example of what I call a total package. As I stated earlier he is a artist but he doesn’t just  stop there he also does his own production and engineering.  His talent doesn’t just stop at doing music he also owns his own company and is a great business man. Mr. Haze is Ceo and founder of Lucky One Entertainment.  It seems he has quite a few projects coming  up. When I  asked of his present and upcoming  projects Mr. Haze had this to say “Projects out now are Prerolled 1 which is an instrumental series of beats. Seven 1of 3 which is a trilogy when put together equals 777.  I love the number 7 because it’s a special number to me it’s a symbol of completion. Upcoming projects: Prerolled 2 Staying Ready instrumental series The second installment of Seven 2 of 3” . I will be following the talented Mr. Haze in his career and will be keeping you updated on his many accomplishments. Feel free to follow Mr. Haze on his social media sites listed below.

Instagram/rio601 Twitter/@rio601 Facebook/Mario Purplle Hays Datpiff/PurpleHaze Soundcloud/PurplleHaze


3 thoughts on “Purplle Haze

  1. Love it! Thanks for taking the time to blog about Mario Purplle Have! We are looking forward to hearing more about him and watching his growth as and artist and producer!


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