Cassius Kendrel


Cassius Kendrel who was born in Texas but raised in Louisiana is a talented artist that classifies himself to be in the hip-hop/pop/reggae genre. He has been rapping for 4 years now and dropped his first single “Watch”in 2013. The reason behind his career kick off was very touching, “I asked God for a sign in my life. After I was told to put football on hold, I became depressed and I needed answers. At the time I prayed a lot, and I started to find my melody,” he said. As far as upcoming projects that he wanted to keep his fans updated on this was what he had to say “I am promoting my new SINGLE and SOCIAL MEDIA BANGER “POST DAT”.

You can find the talented Cassius on these social media sites so you can keep up with his progress:

I will be following Mr. Cassius career I look forward to seeing the amazing work he is about to put out. In closing the interview Mr. Cassius Kendrel had this to say “Shout out to my family and fans that support me to the fullest. Shout out to my daughter Camden, b/c she is the reason why I grind so hard… and Thanks a million Gabrielle Linton and Live Hot Radio for your Support and for holding us indie artist down, SALUTE!!!…. #EATINSEAZONRECORDS.. R.I.P. WICKETT CRICKETT.”



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